Yoga Classes

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Dear friends, this winter Dimitar Pashkov will be visiting us. He has devoted a good part of his life to yoga, rehabilitation and massages. Classes will be on every weekend, and once a week there will be different yoga-therapy practices, as well as classes on natural and restorative movements.

In Yoga-Therapy classes we learn how and what variants of asanas (poses) to perform, self-massage techniques, how to work with the dynamics and statics that the body undergoes in everyday life, as well as during sports.

We will learn about the causes and treatment of trauma, and most importantly, prevention. Classes start with a little theory that gradually goes into practice. Each class is tailored to the level of the group and is suitable for both beginners and advanced.

As the winter season begins, this weekend will be dedicated to the lower limbs. We will talk about which joints are made for mobility and which for stability, as well as other interesting facts about our body.

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