Jerome Clementz rides Bulgaria

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Bansko and Pirin Range

After 2 hour drive we get to Bansko. The Courchevel or Gsaadt of Bulgaria. A proper fancy ski resort, famous in the winter with some FIS Ski World cup, big party with all the jet set from the Balkan. But in Summer it also worth a visit with the big Marble peaks in pyramid shapes all around and it’s great climate.

Andy, from the White Lavina hotel, is our host, he’s a former Ski freeride world tour rider and develop MTB in the area with trail and bike camp for kids and Adults. After a proper Bulgarian Dinner where we tasted some local wine and Raika (local Grappa) assorted with some meat on the grill, we get some rest.

For the first day we start a ride to discover the high alpine, the surrounding is majestic, with the peak in the sky and the sea of cloud in the valley. The trail is not the easiest to ride and there is some hike a bike, but the view and the way down to the mountain hut make it worth.

The second day we go for some dedicated trails build for MTB. Some of them where used for the National enduro race last year and some are fresh. The gradient in this part of the mountain is perfect and you don’t need neither to pedal not to break and just play between the rocks, roots, and turn around the trees and ferns. The dirt is just perfect with the little rain of the last evening, the natural movement of the terrain makes the ride playful and with a nice road to shuttle these trails, we keep riding until the storm arrives and ends our ride! Time to go back at the hotel for a little Spa session and some down time in town.

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